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Top 5 Digital Door Locks in Singapore: Unlocking the Future!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

As a homeowner, you want to make your home as secure as possible. You can achieve this goal by installing a digital lock on your door. A digital lock offers an extra layer of security and can be programmed to allow some people inside your home while banning others.

5 Digital Door

Wezpro offers cutting-edge digital door locks that improve home security. Our premium products provide unparalleled convenience, cutting-edge technology, and peace of mind. We offer a wide variety of door digital locks, including Dual open digital locks and Sync opening digital locks, among others.

But the major question is, "How do you choose the best one for you if you're thinking about installing one in your home?" So, let's have a look at the top 5 digital door locks in Singapore that will transform home security.

Push-pull Digital Lock

Traditional key-based locks are less practical because they require an actual key to unlock the door. If the key is lost or stolen, this may not be possible. The two methods of operation are known as "push-pull" operations because they involve pushing or pulling on the door handle to engage the lock.

Push-pull locks are a type of digital mortise lock designed to fit inside your front door and replace your existing mechanism. They give a single, simple technique for quickly unlocking your door each time - no key is required! This sort of lock is great for busy households or anyone looking to easily enhance their home security. Given this, a digital lock with a push-pull mechanism is more practical and efficient. Most push-pull digital locks offer extra security features such as pin code access and fingerprint biometrics.

Sync Opening Digital Lock

A Sync opening digital lock is a modern electronic lock that provides homeowners more convenience and security. It lets users open the door with a digital code or key and synchronize with their mobile devices. This implies that when the user's phone is within range of the lock, the door can be unlocked automatically. Even when homeowners are away from their homes, they may still authorize access to visitors or service providers thanks to some models' remote door-unlocking capabilities.

Sync opening locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and security features. They improve access control flexibility by eliminating the need for traditional keys, which are often lost or stolen. With a smart lock that syncs opening, homeowners may feel safe that their home is accessible and secure.

Digital Deadbolt Locks

A digital deadbolt lock is an electronic lock installed on a door to provide convenience and security. It unlocks the door with a digital code or key rather than a traditional key. Digital deadbolt locks are popular because they do not require physical keys that could be lost or stolen. They also enable characteristics such as remote access control and the ability to produce transitory codes for guests or service providers. A digital deadbolt lock can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their home is both accessible and secure. Wezpro has the greatest long-lasting digital locks, such as the WEZPRO Mortise Lock and the WEZPRO Bundle (Mortise + 1900).

Digital deadbolt locks are strong metal locks that combine the protection of a traditional deadbolt lock with the convenience of a digital keypad. They can be accessible with an RFID card and pin code, as well as any Bluetooth-enabled device. When synchronized, you can enter your home or place of business swiftly whenever you are nearby.

Dual Open Digital Lock

The Dual Open Digital Lock is one of the best digital door locks in Singapore. It is a versatile lock that allows you to unlock the door in two ways: with a key or by entering a code on the keypad. This lock is great for people who want the convenience of a digital lock but also want the option to use a traditional key as a backup.

One of the Dual Open Lock's distinguishing features is the fingerprint scanner. You can program up to 100 distinct fingerprints into this scanner, allowing you to provide access to a large number of people without distributing a physical key or code. If someone tries to break into the lock, an alarm system will go off.

Digital Rim Lock

A digital rim lock is an electronic lock that is installed on the surface of a door, usually on the inside. It allows customers to unlock the door with a digital code or key instead of a traditional key, providing convenience and security. Automated locking capabilities, temporary access credentials, and remote access control are common characteristics of digital rim locks. They may be installed on a number of doors, including wooden, glass, and metal doors, and are popular because to their ease of use. A digital rim lock may provide additional security and peace of mind to homeowners. If you need rim locks, go to the Wezpro website, where you may find a variety of high-quality rim locks such as the WEZPRO Bundle (Rim + 1900) and the Wezpro Door Rim.Rim locks, which operate best on gates, are similar to deadbolt locks in that they can enhance current door systems. It does not have a handle and is usually accessed by entering a pin code on the keypad. As a result, they are ideal for homes and businesses that require more security because only those with the code can enter the door. In terms of pricing and ease of use, digital rims are undeniably appealing. They are quickly and easily unlocked with a few keypad presses.


For households wanting greater comfort, adaptability, and security, digital door locks have become essential. The top 5 digital door locks in Singapore in 2023—dual open, sync opening, push-pull, digital deadbolt locks, and digital rim lock—provide a range of cutting-edge features that can be tailored to specific needs.

If you want the best digital locks for your home security, Wezpro is the brand to go with. You will find a wide variety of digital locks here that will provide homeowners with increased protection and peace of mind about the security of their homes. Our digital locks will match your needs, whether you want one with remote access, automatic locking, or keyless entry.

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