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Digital Lock

Go Keyless Generation.

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Wez Digital Lock in Singapore

Advancements in technology and the exchange of new ideas have reshaped the human experience. Smart home devices offer multiple ways to make our lives safer and more convenient. By combining innovation with science, a diverse range of home gadgets are created. Let’s focus on two important aspects of our daily lives - security and convenience.

Wez's digital locks bring a modern security solution to upscale residences. These sleek alternatives to conventional locks, powered by smart technology, are redefining our approach to home security.

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Our Product

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Rim Digital Lock

S$ 399
 S$ 499

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Mortise Digital Lock

S$ 799
S$ 899

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Gate Digital Lock 1900

S$ 549
S$ 649


Bundle (Rim + 1900)

S$ 849
 S$ 1099


Bundle (Mortise + 1900)


S$ 999
 S$ 1299

What We Offer

Wez presents a secure and user-friendly solution for home security - digital locks that provide an additional layer of convenience. The demand for digital locks in Singapore is driven by the need for strong security solutions that offer both simplicity and peace of mind. Bid farewell to physical keys and welcome a future where electronic expertise safeguards and grants access to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What are the advantages of a fingerprint door lock?
    Fingerprint door locks offer added security, unmatched convenience, and the flexibility to grant personalised access to authorised individuals.
  • Are fingerprint locks worth it?
    Absolutely! Fingerprint locks provide secure, keyless entry that can enhance your home's security without the hassle of dealing with keys.
  • Do fingerprint padlocks work?
    Certainly, fingerprint padlocks are reliable security options, offering the same ease and security as other fingerprint locks.
  • How do I add a fingerprint to my digital lock?
    Adding a fingerprint is a straightforward process. Our fingerprint locks are easy to set up and come with comprehensive instructions.
  • How secure are digital door locks?
    Our digital door locks include security features that make unauthorised access nearly impossible. You can rely on Wez to keep your home secure.
  • Can digital door locks be hacked?
    Our locks incorporate various encryption and authentication methods, significantly reducing the risk of hacking.
  • Do digital door locks require a lot of maintenance?
    Only minimal maintenance is required to ensure peak performance. Wez’s digital locks are designed to provide security without requiring much maintenance.
  • Can I use my smartphone with my digital door lock?
    Yes, some of our digital locks offer smartphone connectivity for remote access and management.

Best Sellers

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