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Fingerprint Digital Lock

Go Keyless Generation.

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Fingerprint Digital Locks: Revolutionizing Home Security

Wez is your trusted partner for innovative security solutions. With our fingerprint digital locks, you can discover the future of home access. Experience unparalleled convenience, enhanced protection, and a modern touch for your home. As a provider of modern security technology, Wez ensures that your home's safety is never compromised.

Introducing Wezpro Door Rim: A Modern Security Upgrade 

With the Wezpro Door Rim, you can easily unlock your door with your fingerprint, PIN code, or RFID card. Crafted in Korea, our lock ensures durability, elegance, and security. The Wezpro Door Rim provides a modern security solution, backed by a 3-year warranty and easy installation.

Embrace modern home security today. Choose Wezpro's Fingerprint Door Locks to transform the way you access your home, securely and effortlessly. Your safety is our top priority, and we guarantee that with our digital locks.

The Advantages of a Fingerprint Lock for Your Home

Enhance your home security with the numerous benefits offered by our fingerprint digital locks:

Quality Protection

Fingerprint authentication offers an unbreakable layer of security. You have full control over who enters your property, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Unprecedented Convenience

Say goodbye to fumbling for keys or remembering complex passcodes. A simple touch of your finger grants you swift access, making every entry effortless.

Customised Access

With the ability to store multiple fingerprints, you can set varying levels of access for family members, friends, and even your helper. Provide temporary access to guests while keeping your property secure.

Built to Last

Our locks are designed to endure and perform flawlessly, even in hot and humid conditions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Wez’s fingerprint locks are a wise investment. You won't need to worry about replacing locks or purchasing new keys. Our locks are built to last, saving you money in the long run.

Buy a Digital Fingerprint Door Lock from Wez

Wez is here to improve your home security with biometric technology, providing you with digital locks at affordable prices.

Industry Experience

Wez is a provider of innovative security solutions, with years of industry experience. Our knowledgeable staff ensures you receive the finest product and support.

Quality Control

All our locks are manufactured in Korea, demonstrating our commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Comprehensive Service

Choosing Wez means investing in a quality customer experience, and not just a lock. Our prices include installation, ensuring your lock functions correctly from the start.

Why Choose Wez for Fingerprint Digital Locks

Our fingerprint door locks combine cutting-edge technology with unmatched durability. Crafted in Korea, these locks are a fine blend of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Here's what sets our fingerprint locks apart:

Tripe Protection

Our Wezpro door rim fingerprint lock features a triple locking mechanism, accessible via fingerprint, PIN code, or RFID card. You can effortlessly access your property using the method that suits your needs.

Accurate Biometrics

Fingerprint recognition technology restricts access to approved visitors. No more lost keys or forgotten PINs; your fingerprint serves as your key.

Stylish Design

The sleek and contemporary appearance of Wez’s fingerprint locks complements the doors in your home, and installation is a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of a fingerprint door lock?
    Fingerprint door locks offer added security, unmatched convenience, and the flexibility to grant personalised access to authorised individuals.
  • Are fingerprint locks worth it?
    Absolutely! Fingerprint locks provide secure, keyless entry that can enhance your home's security without the hassle of dealing with keys.
  • Do fingerprint padlocks work?
    Certainly, fingerprint padlocks are reliable security options, offering the same ease and security as other fingerprint locks.
  • How do I add a fingerprint to my digital lock?
    Adding a fingerprint is a straightforward process. Our fingerprint locks are easy to set up and come with comprehensive instructions.
  • How secure are digital door locks?
    Our digital door locks include security features that make unauthorised access nearly impossible. You can rely on Wez to keep your home secure.
  • Can digital door locks be hacked?
    Our locks incorporate various encryption and authentication methods, significantly reducing the risk of hacking.
  • Do digital door locks require a lot of maintenance?
    Only minimal maintenance is required to ensure peak performance. Wez’s digital locks are designed to provide security without requiring much maintenance.
  • Can I use my smartphone with my digital door lock?
    Yes, some of our digital locks offer smartphone connectivity for remote access and management.
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