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Digital Lock for Gate 

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Go Keyless Generation.

Wez’s Digital Lock for Gate Security Needs 

Welcome to Wez, where security meets innovation. Our commitment to durability and increased security is unwavering. We are your trusted partner in safeguarding your home, whether it's in the bustling urban areas or the serene suburbs. Ensure the safety of your loved ones and experience effortless access every time you return.

Introducing Wezpro Mortise Lock

The Wezpro Mortise door digital lock provides a wonderful blend of sophistication and security. Take advantage of Korean workmanship to enhance your door's security, longevity, and elegance. Experience modern home security today with Wez.

Wez's Digital Locks are a step up in home security. Enjoy one of the best in modern convenience, enhanced security, and worry-free living.

Features of Our Digital Door Lock

Explore the advanced features that set our digital door locks apart:

Korean Craftsmanship

Our digital door locks are crafted in Korea. Made with a combination of precision, reliability, and aesthetics. Each lock is the perfect blend of security and design.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Bid farewell to traditional keys. With our innovative digital door locks, you no longer need to worry about losing your keys. Your access is secure thanks to touchpad passcodes and biometric recognition.

User-Friendly Interface

Our locks' touchscreens and keypads are designed with users in mind, ensuring easy access for authorised individuals. You will never have to worry about losing your keys again.

Designed for Modern Living

Our automation systems are aligned with today's modern lifestyle. Doors can be locked and unlocked automatically for your convenience.

Benefits of Installing Digital Locks in Your Home

Elevate your living experience with the numerous benefits of Wez’s Digital Locks:

Increased Security

Digital locks provide an impenetrable layer of protection. Rest assured that your home is secure from intruders.

Effortless Entry

No more fumbling for keys in bags. Your unique passcode or biometric authentication grants you quick and easy access.

Individual Passcodes

Assign individual passcodes to family members, friends, or employees. Set temporary codes for visitors to ensure security without sacrificing convenience.

Made for the Outdoors

Our locks are built to withstand temperature and weather changes, ensuring reliable operation regardless of the weather.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our digital locks are engineered for longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.

Digital Locks for HDB Gates – Our Approach

Wez understands the changing demands of every home. Our digital locks are a combination of security and aesthetics. We offer you the gateway to secure and convenient living as traditional locks make way for modern alternatives. Upgrade your HDB gate with technology that complements your home's contemporary aesthetics with a gate digital lock from us.

Shop with Wez Today!

Wez’s digital locks offer a glimpse into the future of safety. Our digital locks come in a wide array of models to meet your specific needs. Some options include fingerprint scanners and face recognition software. Our smart locks will meet your expectations when it comes to home security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of a fingerprint door lock?
    Fingerprint door locks offer added security, unmatched convenience, and the flexibility to grant personalised access to authorised individuals.
  • Are fingerprint locks worth it?
    Absolutely! Fingerprint locks provide secure, keyless entry that can enhance your home's security without the hassle of dealing with keys.
  • Do fingerprint padlocks work?
    Certainly, fingerprint padlocks are reliable security options, offering the same ease and security as other fingerprint locks.
  • How do I add a fingerprint to my digital lock?
    Adding a fingerprint is a straightforward process. Our fingerprint locks are easy to set up and come with comprehensive instructions.
  • How secure are digital door locks?
    Our digital door locks include security features that make unauthorised access nearly impossible. You can rely on Wez to keep your home secure.
  • Can digital door locks be hacked?
    Our locks incorporate various encryption and authentication methods, significantly reducing the risk of hacking.
  • Do digital door locks require a lot of maintenance?
    Only minimal maintenance is required to ensure peak performance. Wez’s digital locks are designed to provide security without requiring much maintenance.
  • Can I use my smartphone with my digital door lock?
    Yes, some of our digital locks offer smartphone connectivity for remote access and management.
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