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Keyless Living: The 7 Advantages of Fingerprint Door Lock Technology

The worst thing that can happen to you is getting locked out. But it's very difficult to get help when using a traditional key lock system. If you are a home or business owner, you should consider getting a fingerprint smart lock.

The door can be opened with just your finger. As we know, each person's fingerprint is unique, nobody could ever duplicate your key or even gain access to your property unless you cooperate with them. It opens in seconds with just your fingerprint and no keys.

In this blog, we have curated the advantages of fingerprint digital locks!

Advantages of Fingerprint Digital Lock

  • Superior security

The issue with door locks is that, even with simple tools, keys can be easily duplicated and picked. However, fingerprint door locks operate by using your fingerprint rather than a key to allow entry into the building.

  • When The Door Closes, It Locks on Its Own

Hatch locks and fingerprint door locks work similarly, but there's no chance of leaving the key inside the structure! This implies that each time someone leaves, you don't have to go to the door and lock it from the inside.

  • Cost Effective Solution

The fact that biometric locks are more affordable might surprise you. When you are purchasing a fingerprint door lock, it might seem costly, but you can save money in the long run. Biometric door locks are resistant to rust and require little maintenance, so you won't have to buy extra keys! They can withstand any weather, from hot to cold!

  • Fingerprint Locks are So Convenient

One advantage of a fingerprint digital lock is that it can store multiple fingerprints, so if you want to, you can allow access to your entire family and circle of friends. This is a fantastic opportunity for office buildings as well as for homeowners, as it allows multiple staff members easy access to the building. Also, you can use your phone to unlock the door lock and give someone access temporarily.

  • Excellent Speed

It has happened to everyone: they are running to work in the morning and can't find their key. It always seems to occur when least expected! When you need time most, having a fingerprint door lock on your door makes it extremely quick to enter and exit the building.

  • Leave a Great First Impression

Door locks that use fingerprints can "wow" visitors. These locks can give the impression that your business is more established in settings where making a good first impression is crucial. This promotes trust in environments where clients might be present.

  • Impossible to Break

When compared to common perception, it is not simple to gain access to or open a smart lock. Smart door locks are made of premium steel; thats why they are difficult to break into. The lock will be extremely long-lasting and durable because the other parts are all made of sturdy materials.


It is now clear that securing your home or place of business with a biometric fingerprint door lock system will offer several benefits for the safety of your family and property. Selecting a fingerprint door lock is not only a wise modern decision, but also a beneficial investment in efficiency and security.

If you want to upgrade your property to a fingerprint digital lock, connect with Wez. We offer you the best-quality biometrics door lock at affordable prices that fulfil all your security requirements. You can visit our website and explore our range of door locks to find the right one for your property!

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